Legends Academy

  • Olympiacos Chicago coaches will select players with final approval from the Director of Coaching and teams will roster up to 18 players.
  • The Legends Academy program is in addition to the travel soccer program that players are currently signed up for.
    • Players cannot just be part of the Legends program.
  • As of now this program includes participation in tournaments only throughout the year.
    • Program may be expanded to add league play in the future.
  • Player commitment for the Legends teams is the MANDATORY training on the week leading up to a tournament (2 days) and the MANDATORY attendance to the tournament (2-4 days depending on tournament).
    • Once you sign up for the Legends team you must attend all tournaments required for the Legends team you are signed up for (2-4 tournaments a season - including both local and out-of-state tournaments).
    • Point here is that you cannot choose which tournament you attend - you must attend all. Failure to do so will lead to the player being removed from the Legends team they have been chosen for.
  • This program requires additional player costs to cover the Legends program uniforms (estimated to be between $100-$125), training, fields, tournament fees, and coach & club administration fees (estimated per tournament to be around $150-$175 for local tournaments, and $400-$475 for out-of-state tournaments). These numbers will depend on the number of players per team as well which are based on the roster each age group will have: U8: 9 players, U9-U10: 12 players, U11-U12: 14 players, U13-U19: 18 players.