From: Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago

8926 North Greenwood Avenue
Niles, IL 60714
Phone: 847-306-3399

To: Marilyn Morales

Invoice # 29241
Issued on January 20, 2020
Due on May 2, 2020
Deposit Due $1,625.00
Balance Due $1,625.00

Task 1.0

2019 – 2020 Travel Soccer Season Fee









Total Owed

Info & Notes

Thank you! We really appreciate your business!

Terms & Conditions

As per our player agreement, it is the player’s/parent’s responsibility to make the payments on the defined due dates. Please remember to submit your payments on time as it is greatly appreciated. A $25 late fee will be charged to your account if payment is not made on the due date. If a payment is not made within 15 days of the due date the player will be asked to stop from training and from attending games until that player’s account is brought up to good standing. You may also be subject to collections if all reasonable attempts to collect payments have proved futile and additional fees may apply. Thank you for your understanding.

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Invoice History

Status Update 299 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1580601600,"post_date":1580601600,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","reminder_sent":true,"late_notice_sent":true}

Payment -28 day ago

Admin Payment
Payment Total: $300.00

Status Update 312 days ago

Status changed: Draft to Outstanding Balance.

Status Update 312 days ago

Status changed: Draft to Pending.

Status Update 293 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1583107200,"post_date":1581160921,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":29242,"date":1580601600}

Payment 284 days ago

Admin Payment
Payment Total: $500.00

Status Update 283 days ago

Status changed: Pending to Outstanding Balance.

Updated 283 days ago

Invoice updated by olympiacos.

Status Update 269 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1585785600,"post_date":1583232624,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":30435,"date":1583107200}

Status Update 238 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1588377600,"post_date":1585916874,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":32248,"date":1585785600}

Status Update 208 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1591056000,"post_date":1588464606,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":33218,"date":1588377600}

Status Update 170 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1593648000,"post_date":1591712443,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":33760,"date":1591056000}

Status Update 140 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1596326400,"post_date":1594341684,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":33980,"date":1593648000}

Status Update 115 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1599004800,"post_date":1596536889,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":34022,"date":1596326400}

Status Update 84 days ago

{"doc_id":29241,"balance":525,"fee":25,"title":"{m} Late Fee","time":1601596800,"post_date":1599180092,"percentage":"false","duein":false,"recurring":"true","user_id":1,"complete":"false","term_id":34079,"date":1599004800}