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The Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago Per-Player Fee is broken down as follows:
  • Play Seasons & Local Tournaments – Fall, Winter (aka Indoor League), and Spring seasons (please reference table below for more details) are all included in the per-player fee.
  • Coaching Compensation – Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago makes it a priority to offer the highest level of professional training to our players.  All payments to your team’s coach and assistants will be made by Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago.
  • Director of Coaching Compensation – Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago, in accordance with Olympiacos Football Club policy, has hired a Director of Coaching to establish player curriculum and oversee the coaching staff and development.
  • NISL League, US Youth Soccer and USSF Fees – Fees will be paid by Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago.  In addition, registration, insurance, background checks are covered by the various fees assessed by Illinois Youth Soccer Association, US Youth Soccer Association and the United States Soccer Federation.
  • Field Maintenance and Rental Costs – Costs associated with the general maintenance contracts and rental fees.
  • Administrative Costs – Online registration fees, marketing tees, supplies, storage, website maintenance, club events, etc.
  • Payments – If the per player fee is paid in full by August 1st of each season (U7-U19) a $50 discount is applied (this only applies to the full tuition amount shown in the table below and not to any pro-rated amounts). Monthly Payment options are also available.
Age Group Seasons Included Minimum # of Weekly Training Session(s) # of Games # of Tournaments Price
U7 – U14 Fall | Winter | Spring Fall – 2
Winter – 1
Spring – 2
Fall – 8
Winter –  8
Spring – 8
Fall – 1
Spring – 1
U15– U19 Winter | Spring Winter – 2
Spring – 3
Winter –  8
Spring – 8
Winter – 1
Spring – 1

NOTE: Inclement weather can affect the number of training sessions, games, tournaments (which may not be re-scheduled).

The Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago Per-Player Fee does NOT include the following listed items:

These items are typically covered in a separate team fee.  Team fees will vary between teams depending upon the activities of the individual team.

  • Uniforms – One uniform kit per player, which includes 2 jerseys (game & training), 2 pairs of shorts (game & training), two pair of socks, training jacket and pants, and a bag is paid directly by the families.
  • Additional House Leagues (Indoor or Outdoor) – Teams (players) will pay all costs associated with playing in house leagues in addition to the ones  already included in the registration fee (see table above). House leagues are normally not affiliated with the NISL League, US Youth Soccer and USSF.
  • Out-of-Town & Additional Tournaments – Teams (players) will pay all costs associated with playing in tournaments out-of-town in addition to the 2 tournaments already included in the registration fee.
  • Coaches Expenses – Travel and accommodation expenses for coaches are paid by the team (players).
  • Club Pennants – Club pennants, traditionally exchanged at tournaments, will be paid for by the team (players).
  • Spirit Wear – Parents, players, siblings, friends may purchase Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago spirit wear here.

Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago offers a sibling discount to those families that have 2 or more children involved in the program (Thrylos Tots Excluded).  For those eligible a $100 discount is applied to the seasonal fees.  This discount is applied to the fourth installment payment (if a payment plan is chosen). Any further questions regarding this program can be directed to your Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago representative.

In order to show our appreciation, we would like to give back to our current family members who have helped us grow the program since our beginning. We are excited to announce our “Refer-A-Friend” program for every child that you refer to the club, you will receive $50 (U8-U19 teams) / $15 (Thrylos Tots U4-U7) credited towards your Olympiacos Chicago account. Please keep in mind, as we grow our Club, additional resources and opportunities will become available to all current and future members.  In order to receive the credit (at the end of each season), the child that you refer:

NOTE: Players that are part of our financial aid or sports merit award programs cannot be considered referrals.

  • Must join the Olympiacos Chicago travel team for the entire (Fall/Winter/Spring) season.
  • Must tell Olympiacos Chicago registrants what current Olympiacos family has asked them to join the club (part of our club agreement).
  • Must not be a current or past member of Olympiacos Chicago (e.g., Thrylos Tots or current club member).
  • Must not be a brother or sister of a current family club member.
  • Must be in “good standing” with Olympiacos Chicago throughout the season and have paid their full season fee.

Thank you again for your continued support and help in growing our OLYMPIACOS FAMILY!

Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago offers optional team or player development training programs during the spring, summer and winter months.  These programs are offered “a la carte” to the players.  A separate registration and fee will be required to participate in these club sponsored programs. Any further questions regarding this program can be directed to your Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago representative.

All refund requests must be submitted via email to the Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago Registration Director.

  • No Refund after League Play Commences – Players who withdraw from an Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago team after the beginning of league play will NOT be granted a refund of his/her per player fees. The player’s member pass may not be released until all fees have been paid.
  • Partial Refund Prior to Start of League Play – Players who withdraw from an Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago team prior to the beginning of league play may be entitled to a partial refund of paid player fee (excluding non-refundable deposit).
  • Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago will not refund fees for: 1) Cancelled practices due to weather or conflicts with school or social functions that prevent players from attending, or 2) For designated club tournaments where there is not sufficient player participation or team commitment to take part in the tournament.

What is travel soccer soccer?2020-05-17T15:14:59-05:00

Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against teams from other towns or communities. Games are played mostly in the Chicago-land greater area as a member of NISL (Northern Illinois Soccer League). Travel soccer is designed for players and parents who are willing to make a higher level of commitment in time, effort, training and competition. Players who have shown an interest and ability can benefit from moving to travel soccer.

How is travel soccer different from recreational soccer?2020-05-18T08:18:04-05:00

There are three basic levels of soccer: recreational, travel, and premier travel such as EDP and NPL. Each level provides an increased level of commitment and cost. Olympiacos Chicago strives to form as many teams as possible at the younger ages to give children a chance to experience travel soccer. As the teams get older the level of soccer and commitment may increase and or change to more premier travel either within the NISL or higher leagues depending on the makeup of the individual teams and participants. We encourage teams to take on higher levels of soccer where appropriate.

How much time will my child be expected to devote to soccer?2020-05-17T15:30:06-05:00

Travel teams generally practice twice per week starting in early August for the Fall session and early April for the Spring session. Practices are 1.5 hours long. Additional indoor training during the winter is also provided between mid-November to late March. Indoor training is once per week for 1.5 hours. Travel teams receive professional training as a team twice per week. The days and times are generally decided between the coach and the Club for the coordination of training. There are 10 games in the Fall, 8-10 games in the Winter (depending on league), and 8 games in the Spring and are typically on Saturdays or Sundays between the hours of 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (older groups). There are some occasions where games may be played mid-week or you may have multiple games on weekends. Two tournaments a year are required typically one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Additional tournaments may be entered and the tournaments are at the coaches discretion and may be on holiday weekends such as Memorial Day etc.

Where do we “travel” to?2020-05-17T15:32:27-05:00

Olympiacos Chicago teams play in the Northern Illinois Soccer League. In general, games are played on weekends between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM (older teams). Home games are played at Maine East HS (Park Ridge teams) and Plainfield Central HS (Plainfield teams). There are 5 home and 5 away games for Fall, 8-10 home games in the Winter,  and 4 home and 4 away games for Spring. Away games are played in other towns in the Chicago-land and the surrounding areas. Most away games are within 30-40 minutes of our Park Ridge and Plainfield locations, with some being right around the corner, and others a little bit further away. Most tournaments entered by our Olympiacos coaches are also local within an hour or less.

What if my child plays another sport?2020-05-17T15:35:31-05:00

Travel soccer is not for everyone. That being said, many of our players are able to juggle a schedule that includes baseball, basketball, swimming, dance, etc. Our coaches are expected to offer some consideration for conflicts but we do expect that soccer is your child’s #1 priority. If time permits other sports can be played.

If you commit to a travel team however, any conflicts should be discussed with your coaches before committing to a team as commitment can factor into placement on a team. Not conveying other commitments up front could negatively impact the team you commit to and its commitment to the league and or tournaments. This is particularly important as the teams get older from U12 and up.

Players are expected to be at all games and practices. Keep in mind that player(s) that do not attend practice regularly ultimately limit the effectiveness of the practice & thus is not fair to those that consistently attend. It is the player/parent’s responsibility to effectively plan accordingly in order to minimize the impact of conflicting commitments. Discuss or convey to your coach other commitments you have that may conflict before accepting a position on a team as it may impact your acceptance on a team.

What is the difference between an “Select”, “Elite” and “Premier” teams?2020-05-17T15:40:32-05:00

If we have enough kids to form multiple teams per age group we form teams in such a way that players with the same skill set are placed on the same teams. A very important note to mention here is that Select, Elite, and Premier teams ALL receive the same instructional time and dedicated professional training. The expected commitment is the same at all team levels.

How are teams formed?2020-05-17T15:41:36-05:00

Teams are based on tryout results, trainer evaluations and properly sized rosters.

How are coaches selected?2020-05-17T15:44:05-05:00

Each travel team must have one head coach and can have one or more assistant coaches. Head coaches are appointed by the Olympiacos Chicago Board . They are selected to handle the coaching responsibilities for the upcoming fall, winter and spring seasons. The selection of assistant coaches is the responsibility of the head coaches. Head coaches are held responsible by the Director of Coaching for adherence to all Olympiacos Chicago rules and policies by all team members including players, parents and coaches.

What are the Parent & Player responsibilities?2020-05-17T15:48:04-05:00

Olympiacos Chicago expects each parent to be supportive of their child and the club by getting your child to practice and games on time, helping them to be regular in attendance at all or most activities, showing consideration to the coach and team by giving notice of absence as early as possible, paying your fees to the club and team timely, and by volunteering your time to help with Olympiacos Chicago events, tournaments, fundraisers and any other small requests we may have to accomplish our task of providing a quality program for your children.  Once a child commits to a travel team, we hope the parent will help to assure that the commitment is honored for the full commitment of Fall, Winter and Spring.

All players and parents MUST READ our club handbook in detail and especially our code-of-conduct section.

What are the costs?2020-05-17T15:49:38-05:00

The costs are outlined in much detail in the “Player Fees” section in the Registration Information section above.

Is there financial assistance available?2020-05-17T15:56:57-05:00

Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago is a For-Profit organization. However, in order to help set up fundraising campaigns to offset the rising costs of just about everything we have created Olympiacos USA Foundation which is our Not-For-Profit arm.  As a non-profit organization Olympiacos USA Foundation has the ability to offset the cost of club soccer to those families in our Club requiring financial assistance.

For more information visit our Olympiacos USA Foundation page.

What are the advantages of playing for Olympiacos Chicago rather than for another club?2020-05-17T15:59:50-05:00

The most important objectives of Olympiacos Chicago are to:

  1. Maintain a safe, positive, fun and challenging soccer environment for all players.
  2. Develop and prepare players for the future – both on and off the field – by teaching soccer skills as well as important “life skills” including leadership, communication, character, teamwork, responsibility, time management, self-discipline, sportsmanship and respect for others.
  3. Engage high-quality coaches and trainers who provide the highest quality training and who motivate each player to work to his or her highest potential.

For more detailed information please visit our Academy Information page.

Can my child get on a team once the season has started?2020-05-17T16:52:42-05:00

Yes! Even after tryouts, many teams may have roster spots open and we welcome players after the start of the season.


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