Tasos was born on January 5, 1998 in Thessaloniki, Greece and from a very young age he liked the game of football (soccer). He started playing at a local soccer school at the age of five and had the chance to be coached by some incredible coaches. At the age of fifteen, and while attending high school he got his first transfer to a team in a semi-pro 1st Division team in Thessaloniki.  He also played and captained the State Team for two years in a row. He was also the captain for his high school team which got their first trophy after 10 years and started a winning streak that lasted 3 years and won all tournaments attended.
Tasos got to be an assistant coach to Luke Dunn at Viterbo University in Wisconsin and the team managed to accomplish a winning record (10-2) for the first time since 1999. Tasos also played for the Viterbo University Men’s soccer team during the 2016-2020 seasons.

Year Joined Olympiacos Chicago:  2021
  • USSF “Grass Roots”
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Heads Up – Concussion In Youth Sports
  • U.S. Center for SafeSport
    • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
    • Mandatory Reporting
    • Sexual Misconduct Awareness
Continuing Education
  • Bachelor's in Sports Management & Leadership