Olympiacos Chicago’s own Angela Kosmas has been featured on the official Olympiacos FC Academy Facebook page and also on one of the main Olympiacos FC websites REDKING.GR as part of a mini series of feature stories for all of the Olympiacos FC Soccer Schools worldwide.

The following is the translated feature in English.

A few things about me and my journey:

I was born in Athens, Greece and moved to the United States with my family when I was 10 years old. My love for Greece, the Greek culture,  and Greek language was sustained and grew stronger with every annual summer visit to Greece. While growing up, my dad exposed me to Greek soccer by taking me with him to every game he attended! Of course, Olympiacos FC was our favorite team! I graduated from the university with a degree in English Literature and Linguistics and pursued a career teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in one of Chicago City Colleges –  a job I have been doing for thirty years and truly love!

My husband and I have two wonderful children. While they were growing up, I will never forget how important soccer was in our family and to the kids. I frequently volunteered and was involved in all of their sports activities, including soccer – as a team manager and assistant coach.

What fascinates me about my role:

When the opportunity arose 8 years ago, I was very excited to become part of the Olympiacos Family, here in Chicago. That was a unique occurrence for me to continue to relive my children’s childhood through all of the young players in Olympiacos Soccer School Chicago, spread the love of soccer, and encourage the kids to learn about Olympiacos here in the United States. Aside from that fact, I feel privileged to be a part of all of these players’ lives and to give them the opportunity to excel in soccer and see them grow and reach their milestones – an experience they will always remember!

Olympiacos Chicago services players from 3 years of age to 18 years old.  Our schools embody every age group. What is fascinating to me in my various roles of communications director, team manager, tournament director, events coordinator, and administrator, is that I have a connection with all of these various age groups, their parents, and the entire Olympiacos Soccer School Network.. As the team Manager of all of the Chicago teams, I love organizing the teams, disseminating information to the parents and players,  and clearly communicating our mission and instilling the passion of soccer. I feel a great accomplishment when I see all of our players wearing the Olympiacos Jersey and being proud of it! I also enjoy being part of the network of teams and working alongside the coaches and other staff to reach our players’ personal goals.

My wish to all Olympiacos friends and not only!

I truly believe that teamwork gets things done and enables everyone to demonstrate their skill set – what in fact we are trying to teach the players! Organization is a journey, not a destination. Organize before you deliver! Organization is not an option; it is a fundamental survival skill and distinct competitive advantage.  Organization is the key to success in anything you do! With organization, comes empowerment. So, empower yourself and be more organized in the new year!  Happy Holidays!