In the far away city of Chicago in the United States every time that Olympiacos plays a match in the UEFA Champions League most of the players and coaches of our Chicago School follow the match.

They have seen Dominguez score against Manchester United, Kasami pin the offense of the subsequent runner-up Juventus, Pardo tear apart Dinamo Zagreb, and Fortounis fight with the other members of the team at the Emirates. These are images that will remain deeply engraved in their minds. These are images and games that have made them love their team Olympiacos even more.

None of the players of our school in Chicago could have imagined that they would meet the first team players, talk to them, take photos with them, get autographs, and shake hands with them. However, in the Olympiacos family anything is possible.

The kids from our School  that have been in Greece since Monday, MArch 28, 2016 saw the Friday morning training session of the First Team and then got a big surprise. The team finished training and all of the players went to the spot that the kids from Chicago were watching from.

The champions  got to meet the kids and sign photos that the kids from Chicago were holding and some of the first team players got to learn that some of the kids that were there had won the USA National Cup. All of the Olympiacos players won the applause of the members from Chicago and stayed with them for some time to give them advice!

The star of the show was Alan Pulido because a lot of the kids from the school originate from Mexico. The Olympiacos ace talked to the youngsters, thanking them for coming to visit all the way from Chicago. “It is a great honor for us that you came from Chicago to Greece for Olympiacos. I feel like you are our family and we are happy for learning the news of your successes. The thing I want to tell you is that you need to work both hard for the team and for your individual improvement. Soccer has a lot of obstacles and slowly you can work your way up with belief in yourself. Thank you very much for being here and giving us great pleasure.”