Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago is proud to offer a new program to our teams playing 11v11 full field soccer.  Just like the Olympiacos Academy in Greece, now also in Chicago we will enhance the regular practices/field training with classroom tactical analysis training. This program will be focusing on what to do and where to be in different game scenarios.

At the same time college preparatory courses will be offered as part of our newly developed Classroom Education program.

About Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago

Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago is a family. Together with the administration, staff, players and all the fans, we aim to provide world-class football at a grassroots level of the game. Branching off from the Greek parent club, Olympiacos FC, this is our first academy in the USA and it is an essential part of the Olympiacos FC youth academy globally. Players who attend the soccer school, adhere to the club’s mantra, wear the club uniform and uphold “The Beautiful Game” in a respected and passionate way. Young players have a direct access to the Olympiacos FC academy in Greece and the possibility to be chosen for academy first team play too! The purpose of this club network isn’t solely for commercial purposes, it’s for children of all ages to take part and experience football and sports in general. The club fosters its players from young ages and looks to impart knowledge about the sport and also being a socially responsible citizen to the community.

Contact Information

Angela Kosmas
Director of Communications and Public Relations

Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago
8926 N. Greenwood Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714