Here are some testimonials of what players and parents have to say about Olympiacos Soccer Club Chicago.  We value your feedback so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

” I have played for Olympiacos Chicago about a year now and it is by far the best club I have played for. Ever since I joined this club I felt welcomed right away. The coaches are really committed to helping us in any way possible. I have improved a lot more this year with this club than any other year with any other club because of the amazing coaches here at Olympiacos Chicago. Thank you very much for helping me improve my skills.”

Haris Pabedinskas PLAYER OLYMPIACOS - PLAINFIELD May 24, 2017

“Being a Olympiacos player means to me passion, discipline and family. I love my coach and my teammates. When I started playing at 7 years old I didn’t even know how to kick a soccer ball. Coach  Jesus helped me grow to where I am right now. It’s awesome being a part of Olympiacos the best team in the world.”


“Olympiacos Soccer Club is the best soccer club our son has ever had.  Our son Haris U14, U16 has been with the club for a year now, and we have nothing but good things to say. Haris and we, parents, are happy with his and the teams he is playing for results of this season and look forward to even better seasons in the future. We appreciate the time, dedication, experience, and values the coaches of this club share with our kids. The hard work, persistence, respect, and modesty are the club’s strategies and values that make our kids willing to be better players on a soccer field and also better human beings in their daily life. We love Olympiacos Soccer Club and we are honored that our son is a part of it.”

Raimonda & Tomas Pabedinskas PARENTS Olympiacos - Plainfield May 4, 2017

“I am so very pleased and thankful for the progress my son has made since joining Olympiacos.  I cannot believe how much he has improved!  I deeply appreciate the coaches working with him, providing individualized attention, and taking a real personal interest in his development.  When Coach Mario pushes the players to train as hard as they can and tells them that he believes in them and that his goal for every player is to play high school and, someday, college soccer, it means so much to them.  My son’s self-esteem, confidence and passion for soccer have grown since joining the club.  He wears the red and white on and off the field with pride!”

Lambros C. Chrones, M.D. PARENT Olympiacos - Plainfield May 4, 2017

“Olympiacos Chicago is one of the best things that happened to my son Noah. He used to be on a travel team for less than 3 months just to come to home bored to death. Watching him losing interest for soccer that he loved so much – I quickly took charge. Noah needed something more than just practice dead ball soccer drills; he needed a “sense of belonging & responsibility” like being part of a team and that is exactly what he found with this club. Coach Niko is the best coach we could wish for. John and Angela are the right people for the right job. We got more than what we wished for. Thank You sincerely!”

Frank Antikides Parent Olympiacos - Park Ridge May 3, 2017