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    Olympiacos USA Foundation) is pleased to offer a scholarship program for soccer athletes in need of financial assistance in order to play. The goal of the Olympiacos USA Foundation Scholarship Program is to make the club soccer experience available to all qualified soccer players who have the talent and commitment, but who may not otherwise be able to afford the experience. Qualification takes into consideration financial needs as well as other factors that may influence a player’s ability to play with Olympiacos Chicago. However, since the financial resources of the Olympiacos USA Foundation Fund are limited, the availability and amount of scholarships is also limited to true financial hardship situations. Scholarships are not always available and vary season to season due to the availability of funds. Each scholarship request will be considered on per season basis. Priority will be given to returning Olympiacos Chicago players. To fairly distribute available funds an in-depth application is required with supporting documentation. Accounts may vary due to individual circumstances and need.


    Players receiving scholarships and their families are required to exert a maximum effort to do volunteer work for team and/or Club functions as requested. Failure to do so may result in a review of the scholarship granted. Parents/Guardians of scholarship players will be expected to participate in all club and team community programs, events, fundraisers, etc.


    Applications must be received back as soon as possible in order to receive a scholarship. Late applications will be considered only if funds are available. All applications will be reviewed as they are received. Applicants who submit complete, signed applications with all attachments will be notified whether or not their request is approved by the Scholarship Committee within 15 business days of the submission deadline.

    NOTE: Applicants must re-apply for a scholarship each season and they must be in good standing with the club (no outstanding due fees) or scholarship will not be considered.

    This scholarship assistance is available because of the conscientious efforts of the Olympiacos USA Foundation to manage its financial resources and its fundraising efforts. In return, we expect your player to fulfill his/her player commitment by participating fully in his/her team’s training sessions, games and tournament play. We expect your household to be loyal supporters of Olympiacos Chicago and assist any way possible at the team and club level.

    This application serves as the only official application for Olympiacos USA Foundation Scholarships. To be considered for a scholarship, athletes must complete an submit this application.

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