Travel soccer is not for everyone. That being said, many of our players are able to juggle a schedule that includes baseball, basketball, swimming, dance, etc. Our coaches are expected to offer some consideration for conflicts but we do expect that soccer is your child’s #1 priority. If time permits other sports can be played.

If you commit to a travel team however, any conflicts should be discussed with your coaches before committing to a team as commitment can factor into placement on a team. Not conveying other commitments up front could negatively impact the team you commit to and its commitment to the league and or tournaments. This is particularly important as the teams get older from U12 and up.

Players are expected to be at all games and practices. Keep in mind that player(s) that do not attend practice regularly ultimately limit the effectiveness of the practice & thus is not fair to those that consistently attend. It is the player/parent’s responsibility to effectively plan accordingly in order to minimize the impact of conflicting commitments. Discuss or convey to your coach other commitments you have that may conflict before accepting a position on a team as it may impact your acceptance on a team.