Legend, never despair, it’s Piraeus everywhere! The adoration of the Olympiacos fans for their favourite club is inexhaustible and covers all latitudes of the world! The name of the Legend keeps expanding and, across the Atlantic, the love of the young children of the Chicago school was on Saturday the focal point!

A delegation of the players, accompanied by the Legend’s Sports Director Mr Pierre Issa, the Communications Director Kostas Karapapas, and the team manager Mr Kyriakos Dourekas, went to Niles, just outside of Chicago, and were greeted by the people and the children of the School during a wonderful event, full of young and smiling faces!

Children were looking at Avraam Papadopoulos, David Fuster, Eric Abidal, Dimitris Siovas, Balázs Megyeri, Javier Saviola, Arthur Masuaku, Mathieu Dossevi and Andreas Samaris in awe as they came into the events hall where the event was held! The Legend’s stars were warmly applauded, whereas the hall per se was very elegantly decorated with the colours of the Legend and a flag above the panel. This is where the players took their place and the event started with all the children looking really eager!

The captain Avraam Papadopoulos spoke first and talked from his heart about the love the club receives, wherever it goes! “This is the greatest reward for us and our goal is to do everything in our power so as to return this love in the best possible way! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being here today and for greeting us in this wonderful way. This is very beautiful for us!”

Right after him, the other captain who was present, David Fuster, announced to the children that he and all present at the event, would offer them their new clothing for the coming season! The children were overcome with joy and were looking forward to seeing their new uniforms, all featuring the four stars and the red-and-white colours. David also expressed his deep and heartfelt thanks for the love he and his teammates received and receive from the children, but also from the Greek adults as well and asked them to have a strong presence in the Soldier Field in the match against Liverpool!

The event continued with the drawing of the 11 fortunate children that will escort the players in the pitch tomorrow, during the line-up and right before the kick-off! The children, who shone with joy, were greatly applauded! The heads of the School presented Pierre Issa with a honourary plaque, as a thank-you gift for the presence of the Legend in Chicago and the Legend’s Sports Director, in his turn, presented them with a red-and-white shirt, signed by the players.

After signing hundreds of autographs and taking pictures and… selfies, the Legend’s aces had to leave, since according to the schedule they had to return to the hotel in order to rest and prepare for the training at 15:00 (local time)! The only thing that is certain is that the children’s smiling faces caused by the presence of the players that represented Olympiacos today in Chateau Ritz Hall in Niles, were more than important. Equally, the love of the young children will forever live in the hearts of the “red-and-whites” who realized once more what it means to adore this Club and anyone/anything representing it…