Olympiacos great win over Milan at the opening of this year’s ICC belongs already to the past. The same applies for our side’s staying at Toronto, Canada. The “red-and-whites” are done with match-day 1 and flew to Chicago, where the second instalment of this magnificent legendary trip will take place!

Liverpool will be our next opponent and the heat rises more and more! The Legend’s squad landed at the Chicago airport at approximately 13:00 local time and in fact was warmly received! The Olympiacos School of Football in Chicago was there and once our team bus exited the airport, its passengers could see nothing else but… “red-and-white” images!

Young children, of all ages, accompanied by their parents, dressed in red and white, started signing for Olympiacos! They were carrying home-made placards writing “GO Olympiacos” and “Olympiacos Welcome to Chicago”!

The bus doors were open and Mr. Michel’s players went out to meet the children and thus fill them with joy! They gave numerous autographs and signed on more than many shirts, balls, scarfs and posters, and their picture taken thousands of times! The welcome was splendid and, despite their fatigue due to the recent match and the flight, the players had a great time being surrounded by tens of children eyes watching them in awe!

The Chicago School of Football has arranged on Saturday morning (10:30 local time) an event which will be attended by our “red-and-white” players!