Olympiacos Chicago held its 3rd Annual “Cow Pie Bingo Fundraiser” on Sunday, May 19, 2019 in Frankfort, Illinois.

But what exactly is Cow Pie Bingo?

It’s a bingo-type game where real live cows are placed on a fenced field and a professional surveyor has drawn out a random virtual grid. The cows are placed on the field and they go about their business of dropping their ‘pies’. The first dropping is worth a $1100, the second is $2750, and the third $5000. Every time the cow ‘pees’ that’s worth $100. So its big money if it lands on your square.

Olympiacos Chicago parents, players, volunteers, coaches, and committee members lined the fences waiting to see when the first “cow pie” would be. After waiting nearly 120 minutes winners were announced.

The Olympiacos Chicago annual fundraiser and all proceeds go to under-privileged players through the form of financial assistance. Visit our Financial Aid page for more details.

Olympiacos Chicago would like to thank everyone that bought a ticket, attended, and also volunteered for the fundraiser and made this possible for these kids.

Winning Cow Pie Tickets & Prizes

1st Prize Winning Ticket #514
Winner Name: Leila Mandjukic – $4,500
Seller Name: Amar Mandjukic – $500

2nd Prize Winning Ticket #1050
Winner Name: Fortino Garcia – $2,500
Seller Name: Leo Gamino – $250

3rd Prize Winning Ticket #845
Winner Name: Darko Ivosevic – $1,000
Seller Name: Stefan Ivosevic – $100

Pee Winning Ticket # 1368
Winner Name: Bill Larson – $90
Seller Name: Niko Kalaras – $10

Pee Winning Ticket # 1234
Winner Name: Brian Perez – $90
Seller Name: Jesus Miranda – $10

Pee Winning Ticket # 982
Winner Name: Isidro Vega – $90
Seller Name: Oscar Vega – $10